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At what point does a fondness for something become an obsession?

I try telling my self that my love of wine is an interest… an educational pursuit of sorts… a hobby (a particularly useful excuse I find!).

But there comes a point on any given occasion where I’m talking to someone, and the wine we’re drinking comes up in conversation and whatever it is that I say, seems to prompt the question:

So how many bottles of wine do you have?”

And for some unknown reason I answer honestly…

“…Around 100 I think.”

There’s just something about the look on their face followed by the words… “In a one bed flat!”… That tells me I might, just maybe, have an obsession.


This wasn’t always the case… so how did this happen? And why do I have that many bottles of wine in my pokey one bed flat?

Well… to be clear, I’d always liked wine… though most of what I’d tasted up to that point was, to put it bluntly, fairly average (read: cheep & nasty!).

Oh, I knew there were expensive wines out there, that would in theory taste much better… but the likely hood of me every coming within a tuxedo’s distance of being given some was slim to non-existent and all those shiny 3 for £10 offers down the supermarket seemed too good to pass up… and more often than not throw up.

Until, that is, I went to a friends wedding and was so blindsided by the wine served there, that I realised I didn’t just like wine…. I loved wine!

I’ve always preferred red wine to white, but what surprised me was how different the white tasted from anything I’d ever had. The red was lovely but the white was a kind of a revelation for me.

So I went straight to my nearest off licence and spent £10 on a bottle of white and hated It!

I soon picked up on the fact that good wine can at times be hard to find…so when you discover something you really like buy a few. Though this philosophy can and will get you into all kinds of trouble with your bank balance and/or your spouse; having said that…you will at least have some decent wine to enjoy while you contemplate the merit your actions.

I also soon realised I knew next to nothing about wine and certainly very little about the relationship between the price of a bottle of wine and my enjoyment of it… the one I have found has often very little to do with the other.


So why am I here? 

Simply? Because when I started trying to understand more about wine, to make sense of what I saw on the shelves, what I tasted, what to drink it with… most of what I found was either so patronising it was insulting or was phrased in ‘wine speak’ that took several hours with Wikipedia to make sense of.

So I wanted to put something out there that’s able to tread that line between the two for people who like me want to find out more about wine and in doing so be able find the good stuff at the price they can afford and be able to appreciate it for what it is.

Hopefully you’ll also be able find the right bottle for when you do want something more special and expensive… and most importantly have it be one that to you tastes like it’s worth the money you spent on it.

… And because my friends and family are fed up with me bending their collective ears about all of this and challenged me to do something about it!


How’s this going to work?

My longer-term plans are to set a website up which this blog will feed into… but that’s going to take some time… and someone who knows what they’re doing… which I don’t.

I do have lots of idea’s and plans in place for it and ultimately I’d like to see it be a place where you’ll be able to find the information/reviews you need in a form and language that will suit you.

Simple and easy for those just trying to make sense of it all or just looking for quick ideas… and more involved and detailed articles/reviews for those wanting to spend some time finding out more.

In the mean time I’m going to write up articles for this blog and to start with they’ll be a mixture of:

a)   Reviews (because let’s be honest…  anyone finding their way here is looking for a good bottle wine… questions can wait!)

b)   Simple ‘Making sense of it all’ articles (to help those like me who have ever felt like banging their head against a packet of Cornflakes every time they’re stuck shopping in the wine isle of the supermarket)

c)    Introductions to wine producing Countries/Regions (because where a wine is from really does make all the difference and because frankly… it’s confusing enough to make my head hurt most of time and I want to spare you as much of that as I can.)

From there we’ll see where we go…

I really am just starting out with all of this and more than anything value your thoughts and ideas… so please let me know what you think.

Sour Grape Logo - 04(small)