The Sour Grape

Morande Pinot Grigio Reserva 2009

Don't let the 'Pinot Grigio' tag fool you… this is 'Pinot Gris' all the way and it's insanely good for its price.

Don’t let the ‘Pinot Grigio’ tag fool you… this is ‘Pinot Gris’ all the way and it’s insanely good for its price.

This is Pinot Grigio but not as you may know it… with a golden yellow colour and aromas of fresh pineapple, toasted brioche and more than a hint of yeasty goodness. Full bodied glycerol texture that coats the mouth with peach and Papaya fruit and a balanced acidly that cuts through the weight of luscious fruit; pulling the wine towards the ‘dry’ of off-dry rather than the ‘off’! A long rich finish lingers on the Palate leaving pineapple and fruit salad to round it out. A wine that is more ‘Pinot Gris’ than ‘Pinot Grigio’ and great value for money in its price-range. Perfect for Asian food or anything else with a bit of sweetness in it. £9.99 from the Oxford Wine Company.

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