The Sour Grape

Chateau Montus Madiran 2011

Tannat at it’s finest… a mature dark brooding wine with a sophisticated mineral edge.

The wines of Madiran have a special place in my heart… just look at how many I’ve reviewed on this site! If you love the fuller bodied red wine from the Rhone, then you owe it to yourself to seek out the deep brooding reds of south-west France. Alan Brumont is a producer at the pinnacle of the region so everything they produce has an element of class to it and Chateau Montus is a wine that sits about midway through their range; not cheap by any means but a bargain compared to the heady prices charged for their top cuvée.

This wine has deep Ruby-black colour with ruby rim; deep inky black fruits (blackberry, black currant), liquorish, violets and a soft charcoal mineral aroma. On the palate there are huge but ripe tannins starting to soften but have a long way to go. Massive acidity! Deep inky depths of tar like minerality paired beautifully with charcoal and earth and a long complex finish of black fruit and cedar. This is a Seriously impressive wine that’s choc full of potential and has all the building blocks for awesome in the years to come… Open now with Brebis (French Sheep’s cheese from the region) and be prepaid to be stunned. Though for pity’s sake leave this to breath for at least 2hrs to unleash the aroma! A serious wine for a special occasion, £23 a bottle from Sainsbury’s.


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