The Sour Grape

Morgon 2013 Chateau de Pizay

006 (Grayscale)

Not a fan of lighter red wines? This could well change your mind!

Until recently I’d never really gelled with lighter red wines and found them, especially those from Beaujolais, to be ‘all mouth and no trouser’ so to speak… promising much and delivering little. Wines from Morgon helped me to realise I’d clearly tried the poorest of what Beaujolais has to offer and this is one of the ones that did so. Brimming with chalky cherries and strawberry fruit aromas, this Cru Beaujolais is Medium bodied with a good depth to it and has a decent kick of fruit intensity. A fresh but balanced acidity leads this wine to a slow tingling finish with hints of cream to go with all those strawberries. £8.99 from Majestic wines (with 2 or more bottles in your case).

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