The Sour Grape

Cecchi Sagrato Chianti Riserva 2012

Solid entry level Chianti on offer at Waitrose.

Solid entry level Chianti on offer at Waitrose.

Cheap Chianti, like Valpolicella, was exported to the UK in droves throughout the 60’s and 70’s, becoming synonymous with ‘plonk’… so it’s no wonder its taken a while for that reputation to fade enough for it to be taken seriously again. After a period of exile from our shelves, Chianti has started to make a modest return alongside other more adventurous wines from Tuscany and further afield. In the glass this has a bright medium ruby colour with a garnet rim and sour cherry, vanilla, cedar box, sweet spice, cinnamon aroma. Intense bright sour cherry and cranberry fruit and tobacco leaf on the palate with high acidity and gamey undertones. Ripe tannins, rounded but still plenty of grip to make the most of roast meats before a vanilla and cigar box finish; Medium fruit intensity, but real concentration and silky tight nit texture. Try a bottle Chianti next time you’re having pasta… just avoid the cheapest or anything in a wicker basket! £6.99 on offer at Waitrose (£10.99 full price).

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