The Sour Grape

Categories Explained

Categories are a quick simple way of filtering this blog by the types of articles I’m posting… so if you want to see my 30-second reviews instead of longer articles, simply select the ‘Quickies’ category on the left hand side of the screen and they will appear as if by magic.

Here’s a breakdown of the categories I’ll be using:

a) Quickies: 30 Second Reviews that get to the point in a single paragraph; quick impressions for those wanting a swift recommendation.

b) Reviews: Longer articles focusing in-depth on wines I’m excited about.

c) Wine Tastings: Write up’s of the various tasting events I’m able to attend/worm my way into. These will often be on a theme and hopefully afford me the opportunity to talk more about specific wine growing regions or whatever else the theme of the tasting may be.

d) Supermarket roulette: These articles will focus on the gamble that is buying wine from a supermarket; starting out by introducing the different supermarket ranges and a few recommendations from each.

 e) Making Sense: These guides are for those starting out and wanting to cut through the dense weight of information found online about the basics of wine, cobbled together mostly from my own lessons learned stumbling about.