The Sour Grape

About Me

So… who am I?

I’m someone who finds it incredibly awkward writing about who he is!

I suppose I think of myself the way most people do… as normal, ordinary, average.

The problem with any form of self-evaluation is we’re inherently our own worse judges of character; after all everything seems normal to me, how could it not? I could have two heads, three arms and a penchant for ‘Kinder eggs’, and I’d still seem normal to myself.

Ok… ‘Kinder eggs’ are amazing, and yes it’s cheating to use the instructions to make the toy!

I tried asking friends and family for their thoughts but they universally laughed in my face… so I’m apparently funny.

I do have all the usual small talk sound bites that apply to me… for instance:

  • I have a name… and it is James, followed by a surname… Tyrrell.
  • I have place of residence… and it is Oxford.
  • I have friends and family that laugh in my face when I ask them serious questions… and I’m glad they do.

As I say in the ‘Welcome!’ post to this blog, I’m new to all this ‘wine business’. I’m not an expert by any rational sense of the word or even all that knowledgeable… just someone interested, passionate and wanting to learn more. Hopefully, in trying to make sense of all this, I can shine a light on it for you too.

Pleased to meet you… I’m indescribably me and wine is yummy.